The True Story of Lavender Chocolate Meltaways

A wise and ancient healer steadily treads through her crop. Lavender.. . She seeks lavender in her quaint, little garden of herbs. All she needs is one ruddy bunch. She knows that even just a simple whiff would suffice her need.  

The women rifles amid the honeysuckle and fresh chamomile sprouts. A surge of fresh fragrance suddenly draws her senses to a peace. She has found the lavender. 

You may call it magic, but mother nature deems it real. For many years, lavender has been inherently conceived as an alleviator for its natural abilities to soothe and calm the senses. And it is true. The incredible powers it possesses, enables this fragrant flower to do more than your typical. A simple whiff will tranquilize and wondrously put you at peace… 

Naturally, the scented violet has already been utilized by several industries. It is commonly extracted for essential oils and soaps and thus is generally perceived for its blissful fragrance. But never before, has one thought upon the notion of fusing lavender with chocolate. The idea was simply too atypical for our modern world. 

But Cocoart chocolate is all about courage’s.   We think outside the (chocolate) box. After being greatly enamored by the natural properties of this simple purple floret, we resolved to expound those incredible powers into what we do best—chocolate! 

The results were drawn after countless trial runs and sleepless nights. We perservered and perfected this delicate work of true artisanal art, until a flawless version of lavender meltaways was finally procured.  

We instantly fell in love with it. But what about everyone else, out there? At a recent sampling show, we decided to let our consumers do the talking. Cocoart Chocolate was in bated breath as we offered the public a taste of our newest serenity serum.  

We advised the unassuming connoisseurs to close their eyes and let the chocolate evolve onto their palates. Its resulting effects were the impetus for an unbelievable surprise. “I suddenly felt an amazing kind of tranquility that I never had felt before.” One astonished costumer relates. “I kept repeating the same sequence again and again. Bite, Dissolve, and bliss. It was just amazing!” 

Case in point. Cocoart chocolate achieved another one of its goals. 

Trust that we will not stop daring, for we don’t stop thinking of you. Try one today. Guaranteed, you will want to present this to a well-deserving relative (i.e. frazzled in-laws:) or even to yourself!!

The signature design of all our real Artisan Chocolates, lends the Lavender meltaways an extremely elegant, finishing touch which makes it perfect for easy gift-giving. Individually wrapped, these chocolates are enfolded in a stylish, elongated box.  

We portioned them into rectangular blocks of 1.2” x 1.5” by .05” high, as the pale purple confections are bite-sized and meant to be savored sliver by heavenly sliver. Pour yourself a cup of white tea or wine. Whatever and whenever you prefer to pair it with, know that harmony is about to descend. 

Say yes to lavender and chocolate. A true story of serenity and peace.  


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