Give Your Taste the Pamper it Deserves with Mouthwatering Flavored Chocolate Truffles/ArtMelts


Are you a chocolate lover? Do you want to eat one of the best, most delicious, mouth-watering chocolate available in North America? If your answer is YES! then you have come to the right page. We at, CocoArt, are offering bulk, bargain deals that will give your taste, a treat like never before. With 8 natural flavors to choose from, you are never going to get bored eating chocolates and will blow your mind again and again. 

Choose from Two Delightful Types of Chocolates

We know that Americans love to indulge themselves into the most sensual of feelings when eating chocolate. We make sure that we create the right type of chocolate that is preferred over others and can last weeks or months (refrigerated) without any problem.   We offer truffles and artmelts; both in exciting flavors that pamper your taste like never before. We promise, once you have a bite of our chocolate, you’re never going to stop. 

Special Discount for First 100 Customers

For the thanksgiving day, we are offering special, limited time only, discount to our first hundred valued customers. So, don’t wait and get your chocolate truffles/artmelts now!   ORDER YOURS NOW Starting from $27 per 12 Pieces  

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